About Us

A company like no other

Our aligning value is what sets us apart to deliver a service that, consistently goes above and beyond so that you can look after your guest knowing full well that well take care of the rest

Our Values Our values are the heart and soul of our business
Integrity We do what we say we’re going to do based on sound moral, ethical principles and honesty. We are down-to-earth, self-aware and when mistakes occur, we admit to it and work to find a solution quickly.
Passion We have a compelling desire to improve our circumstances, both personally and as a company. Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. So we think big, work hard and, with focused energy, strive to deliver above and beyond the everyday.
Generosity Throughout every sector of our company we wholeheartedly believe and promote the belief that ‘if you give, you get’ because in our team, contribution is just as important as position. We go the distance for our customers and each other because, whether it’s time, knowledge, information or just that much-needed cup of tea, we should always give freely to others.
Gratitude There is always time in the day to acknowledge and celebrate the special efforts that go above the standard. We celebrate each other’s wins, be they inside or outside our company. We are thankful for our team-mates and the inspiration and motivation they provide.
Family We are a family based business with a caring and supportive family spirit. This is the most important influence in our life. And so we always strive to ensure our relationships are genuine, thoughtful, considerate and, above all, lasting – just like every good family does.
Respect We care about our colleagues and customers as people, and recognise and value their views or beliefs. We always act with consideration and awareness for others while maintaining polite social conduct. Respect for ourselves guides our morals. Respect for others guides our manners.

Why buy from us

Tradeways is making it easy for you to give guests a stay so comfortable they’d tell their closest friends.


We take pride in surpassing expectations. Tradeways thrives thanks to an unwavering commitment to fast and attentive customer service. Of our current customers, 93.3% say they are ‘satisfied’ to ‘extremely satisfied’ with our service (75% of this is ‘extremely satisfied’!) This is how one-off customers become customers for life.


You work in an ever-changing industry. As the tastes and preferences of your clientele change so too must we. We listen carefully before we respond – there’s a very good reason why we have two ears and only one mouth! We are consistently refining and developing new products.

Extensive range

We make up the room. Yes, pretty much all of it. That means offering a product range that covers everything. From couches to coffee, trolleys to tableware, bedding to beds, we stay focused on superior convenience for you and quality comfort for your customers.


We are more than what we sell. We hold an experienced, global view of the accommodation and hospitality sectors, enjoy carefully developed supplier relationships and look to share knowledge with you to ensure your success. From large scale fitouts, customised product to everyday solutions, our team of experts have you covered.


With a balanced approach and focus on our 3 core pillars (environmental, social and economic), sustainability is a way of business that ensures we are here, caring for the needs and demands of tomorrow and beyond.

Sustainability is a Journey, not a destination

We believe that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. There is always room for improvement and new developments to ensure we are contributing to our sustainability goals.

The need for environmental protection forms an integral part of Tradeways business philosophy. The fact that our activities or those of our employees may have an effect on the environment is of great consequence to us. We, therefore, endeavour to operate in harmony with the environment along with helping hotels and become more sustainable without compromising on their guest experience.